5 Tips For Fireplace Maintenance

To enjoy a cozy and warm fireplace requires a clean one. It is also to ensure that your home is safe from ash fallouts and dark smokes out of your chimney.

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Here are some five of the best tips on how you can do your fireplace’s maintenance:

1. Perform An Annual Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

While cleaning your fireplace is essential and shall be done regularly, hiring a professional fireplaces Stockport cleaner is a must. A professional cleaner would know how to clean a fireplace properly. Moreover, the materials they use can make it easier for them to remove residues of ashes and blockage.

Doing it annually is necessary to ensure the quality of your furnace and act as a preventive procedure towards damages. If you are using gas fires Stockport fireplaces, annual maintenance is vital to check the gas pipes and review if there are dents.

2. Utilize a Chimney Cap

Animals especially birds can rely on your chimney for warmth during the winter season. This way, they can make a nest on or inside it that can block the direction of the smoke coming out. To ensure this would not happen, utilize a chimney cap as a cover.

The chimney cap can conceal the hole to keep water rain, animals, and other debris from entering your chimney that can lead to more problems later. Stockport fireplaces supplier can provide caps based on what you need.

3. Sweep or Vacuum Cold Ashes

Keeping your fireplace clean is necessary. Doing so can ensure safety not just the quality of your furnace but also your family members. Sweep or vacuum ashes regularly – can be once to thrice a week depending on your usage and ashes build up. Make sure that the ashes are already cold to avoid getting burns and other accidents.

4. Use an Alternative for Gasoline

Woodburning Stoves Stockport fireplaces utilize flammable liquid to ignite a fire. While gasoline can make it easier for you to build light and heat, it can be uncontrollable. To ensure your safety, use a designated charcoal fluid before lighting the woods on fire. This kind of fluid is a lot more convenient to use.

Make sure to orient the other members of the family in lighting a fire. Do not task little children to do it or without adult supervision.

5. Do Not Burn Anything Aside from Wood in Your Fireplace

To keep the quality of your fireplace and ensure safety in your home, do not burn anything aside from wood in your fireplace. Other materials can produce more smoke and even darker ones. More so, it could also cause explosions that can result in accidents. Use only designated material to make a fire. Do not try to experiment as it could be too dangerous to do so.

Your fireplace should also be taken good care of to make sure of everyone’s protection. Following tips and maintenance can also prolong the quality of your furnace that can add more value to your home.