Check This Tips If You Are Struggling to Light Your Fireplace

Everyone loves hearing the crackling fire from the fireplace or watching its light dance on the walls while enjoying the warmth it produces on a cold winter night. Pair it with a good book to read, and a cup of hot chocolate at the side makes the atmosphere even more perfect to unwind and relax. These are just some of the fascinating aspects of having a fireplace at home.

Having a fireplace has a lot of perks, but owning one comes with a lot of challenges. One of the common problems encountered is the struggle to light it. It seems easy to do, but it’s harder once you actually do it. If you want to make it as efficiently as possible, take note of these 6 pro tips to help light your Stockport fireplaces easily.

  • Maintain a Clean Chimney

    A chimney full of debris and other materials obstructing its way won’t draw sufficient air into the fireplace. Such materials can include creosote buildup which is formed when smoke condenses in the flue. Creosote accumulations and other debris on your chimney won’t allow the fire to start easily and burn efficiently. It is therefore recommended that you get your chimney cleaned regularly by a professional to achieve great fires all the time.
  • Prime Your Flue

    Before starting a fire, it’s a must to first mix the cold air in the chimney with the warmer air in the fireplace. How do you this? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You just have to light a rolled-up newspaper and hold it in the flue past the damper opening for a few seconds. This way you can prevent the backdraft of cold air from coming in, which hinders fire from staring on your gas fires Stockport.
  • Choose Dry Wood

    To create a beautiful fire on your fireplaces Stockport, make sure the wood you’re using is as dry as possible. Dry woods ignite and burn quickly which helps in building a warm, dazzling fire. So make sure the logs you’re buying are cracked and dry, you can check this by looking at the ends of the wood.

    Burning a wood that hasn’t dried completely will create a lot of steam which will counter the fire from entirely taking over. Moreover, the excess smoke produced from burning wet woods leads to much more flammable creosote that can cause a chimney fire.
  • Stack the Logs Loosely

    Make sure not to pack the firebox with too much wood. Remember that enough air is needed to create a roaring fire. The oxygen in the atmosphere supports the chemical processes that occur during combustion. So keep the logs stacked loosely so that oxygen can still circulate and get into the stack and around all the logs.

    Moreover, logs wouldn’t be enough to ignite the fireplace quickly. Make use of crumpled newspapers and throw it at the back of the fireplace to act as tinder and to add insulation to the fire. You can also put some kindling such as small twigs or sticks to catch fire pretty quickly and create a nice coal bed. This method also helps in producing the most efficient burns and will let you spend less time tending the fire.
  • Tend the Fire

    Once you’ve created a blazing fire, you can start adding new bigger logs on top when others sputter out. You can also lay them across the grate lengthwise, and stack one or two pieces on top diagonally. Make sure to leave enough space for oxygen to flow, so everything catches fire easily.
  • Try an Igniter Log or a Light n’ Go Log

    If all else fails, try using an igniter log which is a foolproof way to start a fire even with no newspaper or kindling at hand. For outdoor use, you can avail a portable Light n’ Go Log which is the most popular go-to item these days during camping activities. It creates a beautiful bonfire with only a single match. This Light n’ Go Log also works effectively in an indoor fireplace.

By practicing the tips mentioned above every time you light your fireplace or your wood burning stoves Stockport, you should have a warm and crackling fire going in no time. You can also add more logs if you want to keep the fire longer. Most importantly, make sure you keep in mind all the precautionary measures needed to prevent any severe injuries and fire accidents.   

Now that you know the pro tips on how to create a great fire, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.