The Ideal rug For the Discerning Homeowner

Today’s modern consumers are discerning and demanding. They are content with the mere ordinary. Many want the very best. It’s no surprise that those who want the very best look for rugs that are special. Many people around the globe have come to realize that an excellent choice in rug is that of the Beni Ourain rug. Buyers today bring them home to make their homes come alive with an item that speaks of the world of quality. Each rug is made by hand by those who follow an ancient tradition of rug making. They’re made using wool that has been grown by hand and then carefully gathered to produce the raw material worthy of the rug.

The Atlas Mountains

The nation of Morocco has a long history. In this time, those who live there have learned to use their natural resources well. As people have come to this place, they’ve seen in person the kind of rugs made right here. The Beni Ourain rug is a rug that is made right here in the country in the rough Atlas Mountains by people who know precisely how made rugs of highly superior quality. Each rug is an item that uses the local sheep and the local wool. Each item is made knot by knot. This leads to rugs that are works of art. Every single rug you’ll find here is one that has been carefully crafted by highly trained and skilled artisans.

Last For Generations

Unlike other mass produced items, these rugs are made by hand. The residents of this part of Morocco hearken back to the days of old when they make these. Today, just as they have done for generations, they make rugs that are all about appreciating the natural world and using what is around them. The sheep they tend have been tended for generations in order to find the sheep that will give the best possible wool for their rugs. Consequently, the wool they use for an authentic Beni rug is silky soft with a delightful feel that many people find irresistible.

True Warmth and Luxury

Luxury helps make any space incredibly inviting. When you place these rugs on the floor of your home, you’re getting a rug that makes it easy to stretch out and relax. You’re also getting a rug that adds lots of warmth that’s ideal all year long. On cold winter days, just as those in the Atlas Mountains know well, few things are more wonderful than a thick wool rug. The authentic Beni rug is one that offers something that each homeowner can truly appreciate. Unlike some other rugs that will quickly fall apart, these rugs are made to last for a long time. Each part of the rug is made by hand and made to make sure it will continue to feel fabulous and look even better. Enjoy one of these rugs in your own home today. Visit City Cows website for more information.